Should I wear a mask to the pharmacy?

Yes, masks are required to be worn upon entry to the pharmacy.

No, unfortunately we do not have the COVID-19 vaccine as of yet.

Simply let us know if you want weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly blister packs, sign the consent form, and we’ll do the rest!

To get your flu shot done at our pharmacy in Vancouver, all you have to bring is your care card and fill out the consent form. You can fill it out at the pharmacy or you can download it here and fill out the form before you come. Call us today for more information!

You can ask the doctor to send your prescription via fax (604-875-8477) or to give us a call. We can prepare everything and deliver it right to your door. Before we fulfill your prescription, our pharmacists will give you a call to go over a few things before processing and delivering your medications. You can pay by credit card, e-transfer, or cash upon delivery.

If you prefer, we can save your credit card information on file, and when it needs to be used we’ll print the receipt and give it to you for your reference. Otherwise, you can pay by cash either in-store or upon delivery of medications or in-store via debit, credit, Mastercard, or Visa. There is also the option of paying by cheque.

Fair Pharmacare and other drug insurance plans determine the amount of money payable by each individual at the beginning of the year (deductible). This information is confidential and is only available to the individuals themselves, not the pharmacy. You can call your plan to find out what your deductible is.

Yes, if you have been taking the same medication and the same dose and your condition has been stable for more than six months, our Vancouver pharmacists are trained and certified to adapt the last prescription from your doctor under the pharmacists’ name up to one year after the prescribing date of the original prescription.