At NovAra Wellness Pharmacy, we’re committed to your care. As a local family-owned pharmacy, you’ll find personalized, compassionate service and affordable pricing. Our mission is to minimize unnecessary hospitalizations due to inaccessibility of medications or otherwise preventable side or adverse effects of medications. We do this by ensuring accessibility of medication(s) and other health care products via free prescription deliveries (in Vancouver), follow-up services, as well as our NovAra Health Monitoring Program in which we offer free blood pressure measuring, blood sugar monitoring, and other services. Learn more about how we’re making a difference!


Our Story

As your trusted local neighbourhood pharmacy, the team at NovAra Wellness Pharmacy in Vancouver is here to provide an innovative care model for you. As pharmacists, our priority is our patients’ health and wellbeing. We have built a reputation for being accessible, affordable, and caring. This is why our staff worked hard to build a system for people to be able to access pharmacy services at any time and have their medications delivered to their doorsteps. We also use our resources to achieve the most affordable price(s) for health care products and other items.

As a family-oriented pharmacy, we see every customer and patient as our friend and part of the NovAra family. Our focus is on providing our customers, patients, and friends with high-grade health care experiences.

Members of our team put in every effort to make sure you meet your health goals. We care and advocate for our patients. Just as your doctor works to create a personalized treatment plan, our role as healthcare providers is to help you realize this treatment and equip you with additional proven non-prescription measures. By leveraging our experience, we work to accurately and expertly analyze your prescription, providing the guidance necessary so you can confidently take your medications.

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Tarana Novrouzova

Pharmacy Manager, Owner

Tarana started NovAra Wellness Pharmacy in May of 2019 because she wanted to contribute to the bettering of our healthcare system. She takes great pride in her work and is always happy to see when she is able to better the lives of her patients. Being the resourceful person that she is, she puts all her knowledge and efforts into obtaining the best solution, medication(s), and coverage for her patients.

Tarana believes in innovating the pharmacy experience for patients – that is, having a pharmacist not just count and dispense medications, but also be there to guide, empower, educate, and advocate for your care. She believes a pharmacist should be accessible at any time. That being said, your pharmacist is just a phone call away!

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